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              Social responsibility

              Innovation cooperation

              Environmental protection

              Safety policy

              Innovation cooperation

              Scientific research:

              We have established engineering research center for the research of derivatives of cellulose ester and acetic ester in Nantong City in 2014. And we have reached the leading domestic level in R & D capability for mixed ester of acetate ester and cellulose ester, green plasticizers and other products.
              We focus on coorperative development of new technologis and products with some colleges and universities for a long term, such as State Key Laboratory of Effective Utilization of Chemical Resources, Beijing Universities of Chemical Technology and Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The company has established stable collaborations with high-value customers from the United States, Japan, Germany, Italy and other countries. They fully take advantages of themselves, forming a strong research and development capabilities. The new technology on industrial production of non-toxic plasticizer of triacetin glyceride developed by our company has gone through the approval of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association as Science and Technology appraisal in 2012, and gotten scientific and technological progress award of the association. Participated in the "New Technology of Cellulose Mixed Ester for Environmentally Friendly Coatings" in the project “Efficient Preparation of Ester Monomers for Green Coatings and Efficient Preparation of Green Solvents" in the "Key Basic Materials Technology Improvement and Industrialization" project of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

              Intellectual property:

              We have applied for 37 national invention patents, of which 10 are authorized. Apply for 23 utility models, of which 8 are authorized; including new technology of products like triacetin glyceride, n-propyl acetate and Isooctyl acetate.
              We actively participate in the formulation of industrial standards of products: 《Industrial n-propyl acetate》(HG / T 4778-2014),《Disposal of ether leakage》(HG/T 4839-2015), 《Disposal of ester leakage》(HG/T 4839-2015), 《Industrial isopropyl acetate》(HG/T 4880-2016), 《Industrial isooctyl acetate》(HG/T 4881-2016), 《Glycerol triacetate for cigarette》(YC 144-2017).


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